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Watercolor Portrait Workshop of a Smiling Girl (13 Videos)

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To give you a in-depth drawing and watercolor painting workshop that includes both portrait drawing and watercolor painting methods and techniques, this watercolor portrait project includes total 13 videos with 12 hours of lessons. It starts with a step-by-step portrait drawing lesson using charcoals. Then followed by a series of graphite drawings lessons for eyes, nose, mouth, hair, hat. After the drawing lessons, I demonstrate the watercolor basic color-mixing process to make skin tones and any colors for watercolor paintings with only the three primary paints. Then I bring you practice how to paint eye, nose and mouth with watercolor before I bring you into the step-by-step watercolor portrait painting process.This workshop is good for artists in all levels of learning painting drawing and watercolor painting. This workshop brings you the following:

  • Charcoal Portrait Study
  • Drawing Materials
  • Graphite Drawing of the Eyes
  • Graphite Drawing of the Nose
  • Graphite Drawing of the Mouth
  • Graphite Drawing of the Hair
  • Graphite Drawing of the Hat
  • How to Mix the Skin Tones with Watercolor
  • Watercolor Painting of an Eye
  • Watercolor Painting of the Nose
  • Watercolor Painting of an Mouth
  • Watercolor Portrait Painting Step by Step
  • Watercolor Portrait Painting After "Finish"

Run-time: 12 hour. Reference image file and suggesting material list is included.

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Watercolor Portrait Workshop of a Smiling Girl (13 Videos)

4 ratings
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