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Painting a Young Girl in Watercolor

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This E-book include 11 steps of the process of watercolor painting a young girl standing by the door. It also include the list of materials that I used in this painting lesson.

11 steps with how Yong makes his decisions and tips:

  1. Drawing Composition with Watercolor
  2. Washing into the Large Areas
  3. Adding Shapes and Lifting
  4. Creating Shadows and Cast Shadows
  5. Painting the Skin Tones 11
  6. Defining the Body Anatomy
  7. Deepening and Enriching the Background Colors
  8. Adding Texture to the Wood Door
  9. Preparing the Head for Detailing
  10. Adding the Details to the Face
  11. The Final Balancing

After you download this book to your computer, you can print the pages if you'd like.

This eBook is a helpful book for you to better understand the steps and method of the painting video (see the purchase option 2).

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Painting a Young Girl in Watercolor

9 ratings
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